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Michelle Curley is a former hockey/theatre mom turned empty nester who has had a passion for volunteering since high school. After spending many years organizing elementary school walkathons, teaching Art Vista classes, and volunteering with senior citizens, she is happy to be able to officially continue the relationship with Starting Arts started by her son so many years ago.

Michelle played piano as a child, was Glinda the Good Witch of the South in 7th grade, and her first date with her husband was to see Jesus Christ Superstar at their Alma Mater, Santa Clara University. Her obsession with theatre really began with her son’s first performance with Starting Arts Studios. The opening number of Alice in Wonderland made her tear up every time, and since then she’s been a Starting Arts fan for life.

Michelle is a QA Engineer at Workday where she volunteers with their Giving and Doing program. She is a volunteer with Live Oak Adult Day Services and the chair of the Starting Arts Volunteer Committee. She lives in San Jose with her husband Matt and eagerly awaits visits from her two sons, Connor and Aidan.