During School Programs

During School Program

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After reading the information below, please fill out the During School Request Form to be contacted by our Program Director.

Starting Arts provides quality arts education in 4 disciplines: Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. Classes are taught by professional artists who offer a unique combination of mastery, experience, and an ability to teach their craft to students both in the classroom and virtually.

General Information:

Typical Program Length:  6 or 8 weeks

Times per Week:  Typical programs meet with each class 1 day per week

Class Length: 30 or 45 minutes

Grades: Any grade levels may participate.

Costs Options: The program may be paid for by School / PTA or District.  Starting Arts will produce a Service Agreement outlining rate and payment schedule.

For more information about how to bring a during school program to your school, email [email protected]

SA MicroArts

Distance learning poses challenges and opportunities. One challenge for schools is that they have limited screen time to teach students, often pushing out physical education and enrichment study. Starting Arts has a dynamic and affordable solution–SA MicroArts. These programs are designed to create community by providing art enrichment and movement for all students, grades TK through 6th. Read about our unique, bite-size enrichment programs HERE