Theater Productions

Theater Productions

Starting Arts provides schools with professional theater productions with several options for show titles, age of participants, and fees. Please see the detailed information below. After reading the information below, please email the contact listed at the bottom for a Production Request Form.

General Information and Fee Structure

Suggested Show Titles: Jr. versions of these titles
Alice in Wonderland, Annie, School House Rock, Peter Pan, Lion King, Guys and Dolls, Bye Bye Birdie, and more

Venue: School Site or Local Theater

Any combination of grades depending on the site needs – K-8. Note: grade ranges for productions are K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 3rd-8th, or 6th-8th.

Production Timeline and Details:
Production: Musical or Play (non-musical)
Start Date: Typically production starts in early Aug./ Sept./Oct. or Jan./ Feb./March.
Class days: 2 days a week. TBA
Times: 90 minutes each day beginning right after school.
Duration: 12 weeks
Extended Rehearsals: – 3 to 4 hours each day right after school, the week of the performance
Show: 12 weeks after the start date. (4 performances total) Additional Performances cost $500 each.

Production Services Include, but not limited to:

Director, Music Director, Choreographer, Production Manager, Light Design and Operation, Sound Design and Operation (includes wireless microphones), Set Design, Construction and Materials, Costume Design, Construction and Materials, Rights and Royalties, and Posters, Program (4 pages) – additional pages may be added at an additional cost.

Costs and Funding Options:

Option #1

The average cost for production is $14,175.00. Additional set up fees may occur for new schools.

If the School / PTA or District is providing all the funding there will be a deposit of $2000 at the signing of the contract with the remaining $6,125 due at the beginning of the production and the other $6,000 (50%) due at the end of the production. Using this format, there is no minimum number of students and a maximum of 60 students that can participate in the production without incurring additional costs, $20 per student. The school would collect all proceeds from ticket sales and enrollment fees.

Option #2

If students and school/PTO/District are sharing the cost of the program, the cost for the students would be based on how much the contracting organization sponsored for the program. Example: if the sponsors pay $7500, the student cost would be $100 per student based on a minimum of 35 students. If the sponsors pay $2500, the cost per student would be $200.00. In addition, Starting Arts would sell tickets at the evening shows $5.00 for students and $10.00 for an adult to recover the remaining costs of the production

Option #3

If students are providing all of the funding for the program, the cost would be $350 per student. We would need a minimum of 35 students to enroll. In addition, Starting Arts would sell tickets in the evening shows $5.00 for students and $10.00 for an adult to recover the remaining costs of the production. Note the minimum can amount of students can vary depending on the per-student cost.


Facilities Fees:

This proposal does not include facilities fees. If your production is funded using Option 3 and Starting Arts are charged facility fees, the price per student will go up significantly (anywhere from $345 to $450 per student depending on district facility pricing). When a school/PTO pays or partially pays for a program (Option 1 or 2), districts waive the facility fee because it is a school-sponsored event.

Theater Rentals:

Productions that require the rental of a theater facility should account for additional costs, $2500 to $4500 range.

To Request a Production For Your School:

Please email [email protected] to receive the link to request a show for 2020-2021.

Production Photography By Heather Peters Photography