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Starting Arts Online Campaign

Starting Arts is mining the creativity of our artists and staff to develop innovative online curricula. We are creatively utilizing web-based rehearsal and virtual performance opportunities for our theatre productions as well as pioneering online visual and performing arts classes designed to fully engage students’ minds AND bodies. Starting Arts is uniquely positioned to guide schools and their students towards this new educational paradigm – But we need your help to make it happen!

Draw What You Eat

Print out this rainbow template for the art lesson below!

Rainbow Project with Miss Jennifer (and Bek!)

Improv Games with Miss Lara

Teddy Bear Art Project with Miss Jennifer

A Dance Warm-Up with Miss Katelin

Miss Adrienne reads Shel Silverstein poems

Vocal Warm-Up With Miss Ashlee

Miss Adrienne reads Where the Wild Things Are

Our New Online Format

Your Thoughts

Today was so awesome. Thank you so much. Your energy, feedback, EVERYTHING was completely perfect. My students were so happy! This is so hard to do through a screen and you NAILED it!

Educator, Carlton Elementary School

You brought positivity, happiness and joy to our students yesterday in a lesson you conducted. This is such a difficult time for our kids. Bringing them joy, happiness and a sense of comfort during a challenging time is my deepest hope for them. Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine for so many of our kids!

Superintendent, Union School District

My 2nd grade daughter was sharing how she can clap to the beat and how the recordings make it easier for her to understand music.

Assistant Principal, Sunnyvale District

I am so appreciative of the efforts of you and all the Starting Arts staff to continue with Bye Bye Birdie rehearsals via Zoom and to bring the show to completion in a virtual format! The caring effort and creativity that you all have put forth is so deeply appreciated. It lifted my heart to see Ben become energized when he was able to attend Zoom rehearsals and connect with the show, the staff, and his friends.  Clara also enjoyed peeking in and greeting everyone occasionally! It was a terrific way for the kids to have connection and purpose during this very unusual situation.

Gina Schultz, parent