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february, 2021

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I am so appreciative of the efforts of you and all the Starting Arts staff to continue with Bye Bye Birdie rehearsals via Zoom and to bring the show to completion in a virtual format! The caring effort and creativity that you all have put forth is so deeply appreciated. It lifted my heart to see Ben become energized when he was able to attend Zoom rehearsals and connect with the show, the staff, and his friends.  Clara also enjoyed peeking in and greeting everyone occasionally! It was a terrific way for the kids to have connection and purpose during this very unusual situation.

Gina Schultz, parent

I want to say thank you again for doing everything you were able to, with Bye Bye Birdie as the tides changed on us all, and life as we knew it.

Guinevere had an amazing time both in person and virtually.

Yesterday, I sat in a meeting and heard someone say, “teaching music lessons over the Internet is impossible.”

If only they knew how you all made the “impossible,” very possible.

We appreciate Starting Arts very much. Guinevere is excited to come back again very soon.

Aletta G., parent

We support Starting Arts and look forward to future productions. Stay safe, healthy and sing through the storm!

Jasmin C., parent