Workshop Series

Taiko Drumming Workshops

Starting Arts is thrilled to partner with San Jose Taiko to bring two workshops to our community on February 12th! Both workshops take place at San Jose Taiko- 377 Royal Ave, San Jose CA 95126. Parking is available. Please read Starting Arts Covid waiver and San Jose Taiko’s COVID protocols before enrolling. Each workshop will have a maximum of 12 participants.

San Jose Taiko is renowned for its excellence in taiko drumming repertoire and performance, incomparable longevity as a performing arts organization, and progressive leadership in community arts education. Since 1973, San Jose Taiko has shared the power, explosiveness and versatility of the Japanese taiko drum with millions of people in live and virtual performances around the world, becoming a cultural lighthouse for this amazing art form. The company also distinguishes itself as a pioneering model for community arts education with outreach programs designed to teach the taiko artform and make it accessible to all walks of life.

The Big Drum (ages 8-11)

“Taiko” is the Japanese word for “drum.” The art form of taiko involves a group of people playing large drums with sticks called “bachi.” In this workshop, students will get to learn all about how the taiko was used for things like religious ceremonies, in battle and even in farmer’s fields and now how we play them all together to make a big sound and “Ki” (energy) together. We will use our entire body to create this energy, even our voices!

Date/Time: February 12th, 9:30am-10:15am
Age: 8-11 years old
Price: $25

North American Taiko (ages 12 and up)

The art form of taiko takes teamwork, listening and focus. In this workshop, students will learn the basics of taiko philosophy and technique in order to learn and play patterns together. They will also be introduced to what it means to learn an art form that originated from another country and how to think about culture and identity in the arts thoughtfully. Utilizing the mind and body, taiko can be played alone but it is much more fun and challenging to play and learn in a group to create one big sound.

Date/Time: February 12th, 11am-12:30pm
Age: 12-19 years old
Price: $35