SA Comp Team

Company Requirements:

All Comp Team members must enroll in SA Studios Intermediate/Advanced Teen Tap for both Fall and Spring sessions. Both Comp Teams will participate it 2 to 3 local competitions in Feb.- April (Typically 1 per month). SA Senior Comp Team will participate in a weekend long convention (March).

Mandatory Classes:

–  60-minute studio technique class on Sundays from 6:00-7:00p beginning August 26th
–  Teen Company rehearsals on Sundays from 7:00-7:45p, Senior Company from 7:45pm-8:30pm beginning August 26th
– Company dancers must satisfy company requirements by taking classes conducted at SA Studio.  This is in order to maintain a standard hi-level of training.
– Company rehearsals will be closed and only available to invited dancers.
– Company dancers are required to attend additional rehearsals if the instructor deems necessary.

Competitions and Conventions:

-Dancers must commit to the competitions/convention schedule (TBD).  2 competitions and 1 convention.
-Dancers can perform with other studios, schools, etc. as long as it does not pose a conflict with SA Studio mandatory classes or schedule.

Meetings/Extra rehearsals:

-In order to prepare for competitions, extra rehearsals may be scheduled.  Dancers must be available to attend.

Competition and Convention schedule: TBA

Class absences:

-Dancers are allowed (2) excused absences in each class for the entire competition session.  Two back-to-back are not allowed during the season. This is to prevent the dancer from falling behind.  Graduating seniors (high school) are given some allowances for school related conflicts.
-It is important that the instructor (Jocelyn) and studio director (Kelly) are contacted and informed about an absence
prior to the absence.
-In order to perform, dancer must be present in technique and choreography classes 2 weeks prior to a competition.
-Excessive absences, inappropriate behavior, or negative attitude may result in dismissal from the company.