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SA MicroArts Lessons

Distance learning poses challenges and opportunities. One challenge for schools is that they have limited screen time to teach students, often pushing out physical education and enrichment study. Starting Arts has a dynamic and affordable solution–SA MicroArts. These programs are designed to create community by providing art enrichment and movement for all students, grades TK through 6th.

Get Up & Stretch

This condensed program, led by a professional teaching artist, is designed to get students up, moving, engaged and ready to learn with a weekly online lesson. Each lesson awakens the entire body with a stretch, easy-to-follow movement section, and entertaining graphics. Lessons are just 5 to 8 minutes long, making them ideal for snack or lunch time activities.

For pricing and information, contact [email protected].

Mindful Music Moments

Starting Arts has an exciting, new program to tell you about: Mindful Music Moments. This is a powerful, daily listening experience for students. This online music program is designed to be played over the loudspeaker at the start of the school day or right after lunch for 5 minutes. If the PA system is not available, classroom teachers can participate individually in their classrooms using a computer.

Currently, more than 80 schools, representing more than 50,000 students in grades K-12 in 3 states are experiencing this magical, life-changing musical experience.

Some of the ways Mindful Music Moments programs have proven effective for schools are:

  • Reduction in reported anxiety (5th graders, nearly 30% reduction)
  • Reduction in number of disciplinary visits to office (elementary school)
  • Creation of a calm and focused start to the school day (anecdotal, nearly all participants)
  • Development of a student’s relationship to classical music (Art partners report student enthusiasm at education concerts)

Be sure to check out the PBS National News Story about this cutting-edge program.

If you are interested in bringing Mindful Music Moments to your school, please contact Ann Watts at [email protected]

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