Online Programming

Starting Arts is creatively utilizing web-based rehearsal and virtual performance opportunities for our theatre productions as well as pioneering performing arts classes designed to fully engage students’ minds AND bodies. Starting Arts is uniquely positioned to guide schools and their students towards this new educational paradigm! Click on the options below for more details about programs being offered online through schools as well as our studio.

School Programs

Classes in all 4 arts disciplines specifically offered to your school community

Starting Arts Studios

Classes and productions offered to all students regardless of school 

During School Online Programming brought to you in part by a generous donation from

Before/After School

If your school is looking for ways to enrich your community's day, but is limited in time available during school hours, a Before or After School Class/Club can offer your students creativity and community without adding to the busy distance learning schedule.

To find out how to make a Before/After School Class or Club a reality for your students, fill out the Before/After School Request Form. For further questions, contact Kelly Velasquez: [email protected].

During School

Starting Arts offers many options for schools to utilize our instructors and curriculum in a way that adds creativity and community to the distance learning experience. For more information see the list of options below.

To find out how to bring one of the arts disciplines below to your community, fill out the During School Request Form. For further questions, contact Kelly Velasquez: [email protected].





As schools begin the year with distance learning, Starting Arts will also begin the year with distance rehearsals for theatre productions. Starting Arts successfully completed over 20 productions in the Spring online via Zoom. We have worked to make these experiences engaging and exciting for all students. Read more about virtual rehearsals and the performance options available for all scenarios. We are confident these accommodations will be highly successful and provide the important element of theatre and creative outlets during a challenging time.

If you would like to bring a theatre production to your school, please email Mike Boston: [email protected].

Rehearsal Modifications

-Students will rehearse online via Zoom.

-Casts will be limited to 60 members.

-Rehearsals will be modified to accommodate smaller groups, 10 to 13 in a group.(In the event that we can resume in-person rehearsals, we will continue to rehearse in these small groups).

-Called Schedule: students will only rehearse when their group is called. Typically this will be every other week until performances. If your child is not called to rehearsal there will be dance/music review videos to watch and practice choreography and music.

Performance Modifications

Option A – Recorded performances via Zoom

In this option students’ parts would be recorded and then edited together by our tech. staff. See a sample of a show recorded virtually from Spring HERE

Option B – Recorded performance in person – ONLY IF STUDENTS GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

In this option students would be recorded live in their groups. Making sure to limit or restrict commingling. Then the footage will be edited together to make one cohesive movie version of the show.

Option C – Traditional performance with a limited audience.