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Mylissa Malley got her start in theatre when, at the age of six, she played a toad who found everything “Toadally Awesome.” After a few years performing in children’s theatre, she had discovered a life long passion, and her future career.

She started working with children in theatre in 2001, as a theatre day camp counselor, directing and choreographing scenes. While attending the University of California, Irvine, she coached gymnastics to girls aged three through fourteen, was a nanny, and taught occasional voice, piano and dance lessons. After graduating with BAs in Dance and Drama, she moved back to the Bay Area to begin her performing career, and found herself often performing for young audiences. After performance stints at the Tech Museum of Innovation and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, she was hired on by Theatre of All Possibilities to be a performer and teaching artist for their school assemblies, and discovered how much she enjoyed arts education. The smiles on the faces of her student performers encouraged her to seek out more of the same.

Knowing how formative the arts were to her childhood, Mylissa is excited to be bringing that to the next generation of artists, and audience members, of innovators and inventors. She has watched theatre bring people together, find common ground, and inspire people to change the world, as well as learn practical skills like public speaking, meeting deadlines, and creative problem solving. Although she often thinks her students are teaching her as much as she teaches them.

Email Mylissa: MylissaM@startingarts.com