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Karen Taylor

Raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Karen loves doing art and credits her creative family and a particularly talented and caring art teacher she had in high school. While searching for direction in her early years in college she stumbled upon an introductory graphic design course where she found a passion for graphic design. In the next 20 years she attended/graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida with a degree in graphic design and worked professionally as a graphic designer for several companies around the country. The types of companies she worked for over the years included large and small newspapers, a publishing company, large and small high-tech companies, and some non-profits. In more recent years Karen has done several freelance projects mostly for non-profit companies and has been actively teaching art to elementary school children.

Karen is passionate about getting art into young people’s lives. She believes the arts is one area of schooling where children are free to explore their creative sides without judgement – there is no right or wrong way in art! In her lessons Karen likes to expose kids to different mediums and also brings attention to some of the great artists from our history when lessons allow. She loves seeing the children get excited when doing her projects and enjoys passing on some of what she learned in art school. Karen is thrilled to be a part of Starting Arts, a company with a passion similar to hers.

When she is not doing art Karen likes to be active outdoors hiking at a State or National Park, walking around the neighborhood with a friend, or going for a run. She particularly loves warm days in the summer when she and her husband can take her son to the beach to play in the sand, relax, explore tide pools or take leisurely walks in the redwoods.