Dream Team/DT2


General Audition Information

All Dream Team and DT2 auditions will be submitted as pre-recorded videos. Students registered for the audition will be sent a link to a video of choreography that they will need to record themselves performing. Prior to the audition video due date of August 15th, registrants will receive a Dropbox request email and be asked to submit the following videos/materials:

  1. Headshot
  2. Resume
  3. Video of student performing a 1 minute monologue of their choice
  4. Video of student performing 1 minute of a song (with backing track) of their choice
  5. Video of student performing the choreography from the provided video
Video Audition Tips
  1. Include a quick slate (“Hi I’m Diana Torres-Koss and I’ll be singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid”)
  2. Be at least from waist-up, not just a closeup on your face (can be full length if you like)
  3. Be the BEST representation of your singing (show off your vocal range/skills, show off the BEST part(s) of the song)
  4. Think outside the box. Song/Monologue doesn’t have to be from musical theatre – can be a pop/rock song, scene from a movie/show/play
  5. Pick a song/monologue you love to perform
  6. Should be a song/monologue that gets our attention right away
  7. If you are new to the program, it is a good idea to have a second song in mind so that the directing team can see more of your range if they ask for a callback
General Information Regarding COVID 19

Dream Team and DT2 rehearsals will be a combination of virtual and in-person lessons, following all safety mandates (small groups, social distancing, masks, available hand washing/sanitizing stations, etc.). We realize that this situation is fluid, but as we begin the year this is our initial plan. We hope to increase our amount of time spent in person as the year evolves. How rehearsals will work to start:

  • Each team will have 3 casts of 12-14 students
  • Each week, one cast will attend an in-person rehearsal at Starting Arts, one cast will be following along with that in-person lesson virtually, and one cast will be getting a private zoom lesson with another member of the directing team. The casts will rotate how they rehearse each week, with every 3rd week being an in-person rehearsal.
  • 3 potential show options depending on mandates at the time of performances:
    • Normal performance with full cast on stage and a normal or socially distanced smaller audience
    • Cast performs on stage via Live Stream or Pre-Recorded performance shared with community
    • Fully virtual performance with cast creating videos at home and/or being filmed in our studios to be pieced together to create a video performance

Please note: if you want to be part of the team, but are not comfortable with in-person rehearsals/performances, there is a place to indicate that on the registration form. 

Specific Information:

Grades: 9th-12th
Start Date: August 24th
Rehearsal Days/Times: Mondays, 5:30pm-8:30pm
Workshops: One Saturday per month (Dates TBD)
Tuition: $190 per month
Fall Show (August-January): Into the Woods
Spring Show (February-June): Footloose
There will also be a fall and spring showcase

Specific Information:

Grades: 5th-8th
Start Date: August 25th
Rehearsal Days/Times: Tuesdays, 5:15pm-8:15pm
Workshops: One Saturday per month (Dates TBD)
Tuition: $190 per month
Fall Show (August-December): Xanadu
Spring Show (January-June): Newsies
There will also be a fall and spring showcase