Dream Team and DT2 Audition Prep

Dear Dream Team and DT2 hopefuls,

We are eager to see your work at our upcoming audition. You will have a 5 minute time slot to perform your song and monologue, and you will also participate in a group dance audition.

Please prepare a 1 minute monologue and 16 bars of a song (30-45 sec of music). Please bring piano sheet music, or cd/ipod accompaniment. You will have a choice of singing with a CD/Ipod or singing with an accompanist.  If you wish to sing with an accompanist, please bring your sheet music with you.  Make sure your sheet music is a piano/vocal arrangement. If you chose to sing along with an instrumental track, you will need to edit the track down to 16 bars for your audition and it will need to be a karaoke version without vocals.

Great places to find sheet music for musical theater songs:

Music Village with two locations in San Jose:  www.musvil.com

www.musicnotes.com   – great for instant downloads – if necessary, this site will transpose songs most songs into different keys for you.

 – This site has sheet music for many songs, from many shows – and you can download for free from this site.

To find a monologue for your audition, you can use one from a play that you are familiar with or purchase a monologue book from a book store.  Amazon or Barnes and Noble have good selections.
“Great Monologues for Young Actors” is great for kids ages 14-18.
“Finally, Monologues that Work – ages 4-18”   has some great options for younger performers.

You can also take a look online for monologues.  Here are a couple of links:



Please wear clothing that you can move in but also remember to look your best!  No jeans.  If you have jazz shoes, bring them for your dance audition.   If you don’t have dance shoes, please bring socks.  And if you have a headshot and resume, please bring those in as well.

Questions about the audition or Dream Team in general?  Contact Alicia- [email protected]
Questions about sign up? Contact Michelle at [email protected].

Dream Team Instructors