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Andrea Sanchez

AndreaAndrea has been performing and working in the theater since the age of 8. She participated in school and church productions and knew at a very young age that theater is where she would find her lifetime career. Andrea attended San Jose State University where she received her BA in Musical Theater. For the past 10 years Andrea has worked as a Stage Manager, Director, Assistant Director, and Choreographer.

Her most treasured and memorable theater experience was with Angels on Stage, where she worked for 4 seasons as a Stage Manager and other capacities. Andrea learned to work with many different abilities and is so proud to have been a small portion of a magical theater experience like no other. Recently Andrea has been working with Starting Arts in a variety of roles and responsibilities. She has enjoyed learning from a strong collection of people and talent, while being challenged to work under an array of environments and circumstances. Andrea strongly believes in the arts as a vast way to help educate children of all ages and loves to share her passion. After all, don’t we all have a little child in us?