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2020 Campaign

Online Arts Education

Starting Arts is mining the creativity of our artists and staff to develop innovative online curricula. We are creatively utilizing web-based rehearsal and virtual performance opportunities for our theatre productions as well as pioneering online visual and performing arts classes designed to fully engage students' minds AND bodies. Starting Arts is uniquely positioned to guide schools and their students towards this new educational paradigm - But we need your help to make it happen!

Kaiser Permanente

Healing Arts Project

Starting Arts, in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, provides a Healing Arts project for pediatric patients at the Santa Clara Kaiser facility. Thanks to the generous donation from the Santa Clara Rotary Club, professional artists visit children at the Kaiser hospital in Santa Clara and provide one on one, or small group lessons in visual arts, music, and theatre. With additional funds, we hope to expand our program to more hospitals and to include all in-house pediatric patients. No child should be deprived of the arts. Read about some of the research being done on the therapeutic aspects of the arts on pediatric patients.

We can only expand this impactful program with your support. Let’s make sure that chronically ill children have the opportunity to express themselves, work through their fears, emotions, and help them deal with their medical situation.

-Your gift of $1,000 could fund a professional artist for an 8-week session of theatre games, puppetry or music lessons.
-Your gift of $500 could provide 4 weeks of music, bringing joy to a sick child who is learning how to sing or play the guitar or ukulele.
-Your gift of $350 could bring a professional artist in for 3 weeks of art lessons in drawing and cartooning.
-Your gift of $100 could fund art supplies for 1 month of art projects.

Starting Arts

Student Scholarships – $1,800 (1 year)

Starting Arts has created a unique program called Dream Team. This program is for talented young artists and budding triple threats we encounter throughout the Bay Area. Dream Team is divided into two groups – Dream Team is for students in grades 8-12 and Dream Team 2 (DT2) is for students in grades 5-8 grade. Participants receive top notch training in music, theater and dance and perform in 2 musical productions per year. In addition to weekly rehearsal/technique classes, Dream Team and DT2 members have monthly workshops with industry professionals. These specialized workshops develop a wide variety of skills: auditioning, performance technique, stage combat, vocal master classes, just to name a few.

Admission to Dream Team is by audition only and based on talent and dedication. Starting Arts believes that no student should be denied performing arts training for lack of funds. Therefore, this scholarship will help secure the financial resources for students who have been selected but can’t afford to pay. You can make a donation to the Student Scholarships online. Gifts of any amount are gratefully appreciated. All contributions to Starting Arts for scholarships are fully tax-deductible.

Starting Arts

During-School Arts Fund

The goal of Starting Arts’ During-School Program is to offer professional arts instruction during the school day to Bay Area schools. We are seeking funding for Title 1 schools. These schools lack the financial resources to provide arts enrichment for their students.

Starting Arts takes careful consideration in designing arts programs that support and enhance general education goals and incorporate the California State Visual and Performing Arts Standards. (See our current Content Priorities here). We tailor every arts program to fit the needs of the individual school. We offer several types of during school programs, including:

  • During School Rotating Arts Wheel (dance, theatre, music, visual arts)
  • 30 min classes
  • Cost for 32 weeks of instruction – $1,760 per class or $58.6 per student
  • Cost 24 weeks instruction – $1,320 per class or $44 per student
  • Cost for 18 weeks of instruction – $990 per class or $33 dollars per student

Starting Arts

After-School Arts Enrichment Fund

The After-School Enrichment Program’s mission is to expose children to the joy and creativity of the arts. Starting Arts is looking for funding to provide a variety of before- and after-school arts programs for students in Title 1 schools. Here are a few sample programs along with their costs. For a more exact cost breakdown please contact Mike Boston for Theatre productions and Kelly Velasquez for Choir, Dance and Visual Arts classes. We would be happy to find a way to make these programs happen at your school.

  • Musical theatre production – $14,000
  • Choir program – $5,000
  • Visual Arts program- $5,500 (including supplies)
  • Dance program – $5,000