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Starting Arts receives and solicits operating funds from individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies. Those who “step up to the plate” to support the arts in schools are making a low-cost, high-return investment in a quality of life that will attract and keep employees with children in a community. Equally important, their financial support not only helps nurture the community’s next generation of artists – but the next generation of innovators and leaders as well.



Community Organizations


  • Anonymous contributor
  • Pirooz & Violet Parvarandeh
  • Jane Bailly and Dave Schaal
  • Kathleen and Morgan Magid
  • Mara Hook
  • Bruce & Frances Dougherty
  • Betsey Dwyer
  • Judy & William Levin
  • Jennie Magid
  • Stephen & Sherry Maysonave
  • Grace Parker
  • Dr. Benjamin Picard
  • Mary Hayes
  • Dorit and Mike Goudy
  • Evelyn and Nilo Bartolome
  • Rayanne Waggoner
  • Edith Gong
  • Raquel Sastre
  • Paul Oeschger
  • Polly McBride