Talent Search

February 16th, 2013 at 7pm
Santa Clara Convention Center

Many auditioned, but only the TOP 20 got to perform on February 16th for a chance at the $2,000 grand prize!

Congratulations to our winners in both age categories:

8-12 year olds:

1st place- Chloe Allen, 2nd Place- Nevin Richards, 3rd place- Samantha Bell

 13-18 year olds:

1st place- Maddie Bartolome, 2nd place- Catherine Luckenbach and Eva Zakula, 3rd place- Swetha Tummala

Amazing performances from all of our TOP 20 Finalists:

8-12 year old age group: Chloe Allen, Samantha Bell, Mithil Chakaraborty, Kristen Champlin, Luna Conrad, Mika Gorospe, Paris Howard, Tiana Milan, Nevin Richards, Ashley Wilson

13-18 year old age group: Maddie Bartolome, Dream Girls, Camryn Heinkel, Maggie Niemann, Alyssa Riley, Maya Rowe, Mariana Cardenas, Gabby Trinh, Swetha Tummala, Hip Hop Craze

Check out pictures from this event HERE


Starting Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality arts education in Bay Area schools. Proceeds from this event benefit